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Chargers invest in their coaching team

Chargers committee spent some time during lockdown, considering feedback that we’ve had and it was clear that we were in need of a diverse range of coaches to reflect the different types of players we have at the club.

Those members showing interest and a keenness to help people develop, and are supportive and inclusive in our training sessions were offered a funded coaching place.

We deliberately enlisted people from developing players up to elite/England level, brand new members to Charger’s lifers as we are keen to provide coaching that fulfils the needs of all of our members, whether they just want to turn up and play socially or want to make it into regional/national teams.

Getting the right mix

There are of course others in the club who will make great coaches; however our funds are limited so we’ve had to keep a cap on numbers for the time being. That said, we will also soon be offering our members funded places on Level 1 Referee course, so there will be other chances for them to develop.

We have a vast mix of abilities at Chargers, which offers both opportunities and some challenges when it comes to training and meeting everyone’s needs. We’ve recently developed a skills matrix, based on Touch competencies as a way to better understand our players abilities, to help provide sessions that have the right balance for all.

Get involved

If you want to join the North Wests premier Touch club, details of how to get involved are here:

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