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Chargers Touch League - 3rd Place

Wednesday 8th May saw the official start of summertime with the return of the Manchester social touch summer leagues, running for 10 weeks until the 10th July, with 14 teams gunning for Touch glory.

The format consisted of 5 weeks of mixed pool competition, which was then narrowed down into Elite, Premiership, and Championship pools for the 2nd half of the competition.

The Manchester Chargers fielded a strong social team which saw a regular high turnout in numbers, even having 16 playing some weeks which is a great sight to see for the club. Even Lauren Hillson was converted from Chargers no.1 off-field supporter to touch newbie after being dragged down by boyfriend James several times. Peer pressure always wins in the end and she actually admitted “I’m quite enjoying playing touch rugby”.

The team charged through the first 5 weeks of the competition, finishing 3rd in their pool and progressing to the elite pool competition. A marked improvement was seen as each week of the competition passed, pushing top teams BBW and Hit N Run all the way in some tight fixtures.

After 10 weeks, Chargers defeated Shanked in the 3rd/4th place playoff to finish 3rd overall in the Elite competition.

Stand out moments of the series:

  • Running Gregggg’s favourite move “Malaysia” at EVERY opportunity.

  • Lol scoring her first EVER try.

  • Becky's sideline Prosecco in prep for a midweek night out.

  • Tom dictating meet time and then being late. EVERY week.

Manchester Chargers have put in 2 social teams into this late summer league, so if you are interested, drop us an email at

The aim of the social league is to further develop the Chargers squad, and get more members playing and enjoying Touch. All abilities are welcome, so come and say hi and get involved!

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