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A New Chapter for Chargers

Manchester Chargers is excited to announce a new partnership with Sale FC Rugby Club.

The move helps to shore up the future of the club, while providing its members with access to world-class facilities and the support of the wider rugby family.

Founded in 2009, Manchester Chargers was the first Touch club in the North West. Set up as a community club it’s enjoyed success at local and national tournaments. It also has current and past Internationals among its ranks.

Following discussions between the Chargers committee and Sale FC’s executive team, the mutual benefits of including Touch withing the wider rugby club offering were clear.

Sale FC Rugby Chairman Scott Bambrick said:

“Over the past few seasons we have seen the club successfully introduce Sale FC 1861, Sale FC Vikings and more recently Sale FC 1861 M&Js and we are delighted to extend our rugby family with the inclusion of Sale FC Chargers.
“Having spent time in discussions with Sarah and Gregg, it was clear to the Exec that Chargers hold the same values as Sale FC. We all believe that inclusivity, friendliness, and rugby for all is at the core of what we do. This a great fit and offers existing members the opportunity to get involved in touch rugby whatever their age.”

Chargers chair Sarah Bellew and club founder Gregg Cropper stated:

“Joining forces with Sale FC Rugby is an incredible opportunity for Manchester Chargers. To be associated with a club with such a rich sporting heritage is fantastic for our current members. It also fabulous for the growth of Touch Rugby in the North West.
“To be able to share the world-class facilities at Carrington and Heywood Road will help the club and our players to go from strength to strength. We’ve been given a warm welcome and, as a club, we are delighted that Touch is now part of the rugby family at Sale FC.”

Manchester Chargers will continue to train at Wright Robinson College before moving to Carrington on Wednesday evenings in April. The club will also rebrand to Sale FC Chargers for the forthcoming 2022 season.

More Information

Please note that currently Chargers are training at Wright Robinson College and will be moving to Carrington in April. Our club members can join them training before then.

For more information you can email or you can follow this link here to find out more about our current training sessions

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