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4th Place // Round 3

Touch tournaments in Manchester, in February, have a somewhat damp reputation, but Round Three of the North West Development Series bucked the trend. Chargers took to the pitch - skin on show and suntan cream applied - to face Orrell. The focus on skills in training was evident as the team showed structure, worked 32-longs and shorts and sweepers into line attack and communicated well to claim a 10-1 win.

Boyed by the result a confident Chargers side faced Warwick in the second game of the day, claiming a 5-0 victory.

Next in the pool was Cheetahs. The fast-paced game put Chargers under pressure. Chargers dug deep but it wasn’t quite enough against an experienced and well-structured side. The final result; Chargers 5, Cheetahs 7.

In the Cup semi-final Chargers were pitted against Blaze. It was a tough contest with Chargers being put through their paces. Blaze won 9-3 to progress to the Cup final, while Chargers faced a re-match against Cheetahs to decide third and fourth place in the Plate Final.

Chargers were fired up, driving hard and setting up moves in attack. In an end-to-end battle Chargers were down by just one score at half time. Unfortunately for Chargers, Cheetahs pulled away to claim a 7-4 victory. Chargers finished the day fourth overall, demonstrating some well-structured play and showed competitive spirit throughout. Just don’t mentioned the forced substitution!

Roll of Honour

Congratulations to our stand out performers: • Jordan Crosse • Sarah Bellew • Robert Crawford

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