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Play Touch to Combat the Physical and Mental Effects of Covid

Touch - Good for your health!

We already knew, but now it’s official... 

The impact COVID-19 has affected people both mentally and physically, in unprecedented ways, but do not fear, look at all these benefits you can get from playing Touch!

For example, Did you know that health benefits of playing Touch include reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, some cancers, stroke, heart disease & depression?

A recent study from the University of Edinburgh has further highlighted the wide range of health benefits which could be achieved by playing Touch.

The study suggested that regular participation in Touch over a 10-12-week period improves cardiovascular risk factors, including resting heart rate and diastolic blood pressure, along with improvements in the rate of oxygen consumption.

Touch ‘could be actively advocated as health-promoting activities across the general population’.

There is also a beneficial association between minimal contact forms of rugby and health and well-being at a reduced ‘injury cost’ across the spectrum of participation relative to contact forms of the game... this is what we’ve known for years... keep up guys! 😊

There’s consistent evidence that it decreases cardio-metabolic risk factors, across various populations. And no evidence found in regard to cognitive or musculoskeletal health/function (as would be found in contact rugby). 

Oddly though, researchers state they couldn't find any relevant studies in Touch (Theme 5 - injuries/acute health issues), which suggests the researchers should have researched... or at least contacted a wider range of people 🤭

Our friends and long-standing supporters of Chargers and Touch in general have previously published papers... 

  • Injury analysis in Touch - Cropper et al

Touch - A national obesity crisis solution?

In a time where there’s an obesity crisis and physical and mental health is more prevalent than ever, Touch seems to be a perfect fit.

It provides enhances levels of physical activity, leading to reduction of depression whilst improving cognitive function... all while being a great fun game! 

Great form of exercise

We listed a while back why everyone needs some Touch in their lives...

Recap here!

Touch is a minimal contact sport, with high aerobic demands, which in turns improves fitness and health without the hard knocks/concussion risk. 

The impact on NHS/care staff has been immense and the pressure on these essential services stretched, that’s way for the whole of November we will be welcoming them for free at our sessions as our small way of saying thanks! 

As a club, we have a blend of male and female players and therefore offer a great range of social opportunities than a found in single gender sports.

*So, what are you waiting for?*

Why not join us at our training sessions and give Touch a go!?

When: Wednesdays 20:00

Where: Wright Robinson College - M18 8RL.

Costs: Members FOC / Non Member £5.


Other interesting publications on Touch can be found here:

  • Effects of Touch vs Running - Dobbin et al

  • Sex-Related Changes in Physical Performance, Well-Being, and Neuromuscular Function of Elite Touch - Dobbin et al

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