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We heavily invest into our club members, recently through fully funded refereeing and coaching courses, and the proactive league organisers have been fully supportive of our ambitions on the refereeing side.

A huge congrats to our locally trained refs who have recently passed their practical assessment, having cut their teeth at the local On The Seven leagues and tournaments.

It's been so good to see the new crop of local, home grown referees down at the On The Seven summer Touch league. They've all put in the work and it's been a superb effort by them all, and the upgrades have been thoroughly deserved.

Thanks to all those Chargers members who helped along the way, with feedback and advice to push them over the line.

From collecting his Level 1 Referee in April 2019, Bruce Bailey finally got the whistle back in his hand to pass his Level 2 award at the first National Event since the pandemic struck.

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