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Intra club games - The Decider

Following the switch from technical training sessions to turn up and play sessions, our player numbers have increased and feedback has been great.

We aim to the split teams equally each week, whilst maintaining some continuity to work on player combinations too.

Week 1. Team black won.

Week 2. 6-6 draw.

Week 3. Team red won.

So it was all to play for in the first (and last!) session of November before going into Lockdown 2.0.

Team red opened the scoring with some quick hands to the flying winger. Not to be outdone, black came back quickly with captain Crawford running a perfectly timed 32 short, dotting down to tie things up.

Red hit back, with captain Simons leading from the front, as he scooped picking out Rory on the wing with his pin point accurate pass, to put them ahead.

Hugh Spencer stepped up with some individual brilliance, as he scooped towards the wing, with a cheeky Harry Armitage-esque ‘out the back’ flick pass, to Crompton on the wing.

Back to the other end of the field, Hickson over committed in defence, a great spot by Rio, who saw the space and played a great second phase play, with hands to Simons who dotted down to nudge team red ahead again.

Some great vision and patience from Bruce, who skipped round 2 players, passing off to Harry A who scored in the corner.

Simons struck again, spotting a gap in the defence, with blistering pace from half way.

And in close succession, Simons ran an ML against an offside defensive line to put them 2 ahead.

In the closing seconds of the first third, poor defensive post touch action from Lawrence, saw Bruce set up a sweeper with Beth going over the whitewash to make it 5-4 to black going into the break.

Sanitised and team talks done, the whistle blows to start the second third.

Team black come firing outta the blocks, as Bruce goes over, quickly followed by Robs scoop putting them up by one.

Captain Simons put on the afterburners and broke through the defensive line, with great patience on the back line, until finding Harry T.

Stefan showed his scooping and longball skills hitting the wing for team black.

Try time for Rory as he replied, but fast hands to Helen on the wing saw black take that third 4-2, seeing them go into the break 7-8 to the good.

Cropper whistled, and restarted the deciding third from the middle as black drove hard with Rob putting them 2 ahead.

Last weeks MoM, Thompson scooped and hit the winger from 30yards as Luke pulled one back for the reds. 8-9.

Dying minutes of the game and Simons scoop found Kiernan to even the game and the series!

9-9 - A season draw!

Thanks to everyone who’s been down over the last 10 weeks, along with the coaches, captains and cropper for refereeing, at our meeting training venue. We’ve had over 50 unique players attending, with lots of newbies enjoying Touch for the first time!

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