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Corona Virus - Update

Following government advice (Monday, March 16th) regarding the ongoing, unprecedented and continually evolving situation regarding Covid-19, we are advising both our members and social players of the following information.

As with other sporting clubs, all playing, training, socials and leagues being suspended until further notice. This includes:

  • Monday training sessions

  • Round 6 of the NW Development League

  • Social night out

  • Summer Touch League(s)

There will be an ongoing review process and further announcements will be made in due course.

Finally, the latest government advice does not prohibit outside sporting activity, so should individuals wish to continue with their own sessions then this is their prerogative. Should you do this, make sure that the sessions are appropriate with as little person-to-person contact as possible, and that there is handwash / sanitiser available.

In addition, please DO NOT attend any sporting activity if you are:

  • unwell or experiencing flu-like symptoms

  • have come into direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the virus, or

  • have recently returned from overseas or come into direct contact with someone who has.

This situation is dynamic and changing every day. As new advice is provided to us by the Government and our governing bodies, we will continually review the situation.


Here's some ideas for your free time.

  • Watch Touch online

There's plenty of great Touch from the last couple of seasons, that you've likely not had chance to re-watch enough...

Here's some of our highlights:

  • Exercise

There is a good chance, if you have symptoms, that you will not feel very energetic, so be kind to yourself. It is not the end of the world if your fitness slides a little during a national emergency.

However, it seems likely that gyms will close, at least for a time, and social distancing will ramp up, so even if you are quite well and boisterous you will need other outlets for your energy; you can still train fitness, and come back faster and stronger.

Croppers Squares are a perfect drill, as is sprint training and plyometrics etc. Exercise has so many incredible benefits – and they go far beyond simply building strength or losing weight.

Keeping your body fit and healthy is even more important when there’s a global pandemic spreading like wildfire. There's some ideas here.

  • Upskill yourself

There's an excellent online and free referee course that will help gain knowledge of the sport by learning some of the rules. The course includes Basic rules overview and video of referee signals along with Video scenarios to watch and answer multiple choice questions

Certainly worth doing... oh, and it's FREE!

  • Keep positive

  1. Whilst games are cancelled there is zero risk of losing a game,

  2. If you have ever taken Touch for granted, you’ll love it even more when we return,

  3. You can finally work on your flexibility, and rest those injuries you keep ignoring,

  4. You can call Touch friends and reminisce about the times you played, the socials, the outrageous reverse flick passes from Harry etc

We will continue to monitor the government advice and provide updates where necessary.

It is you, the Touch community, that makes our sport the most exciting, fun and enjoyable sport we have all come to know and love.

When the situation allows us to return, we will be raring to go and cannot wait to get back to it!

For the latest information from the government visit:

For the latest information from the NHS visit:

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