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NW Development Series | Round 4 / Results and Standings

Eight North West teams headed to Burnage RFC for round 4 of the Development Series.

A very warm welcome to 161, who took part for the first time this series

The pools were evenly split, following results and standing from the past 3 rounds, and saw some great action across both divisions.

League table toppers, Super Chargers dominated Pool A, with a convincing 3 wins and a 15 for, 3 against try difference. Whilst newcomers 161 took the top spot in pool B, narrowly beating Turbos and Chargers by 1.

Pool standings - Pool A

  1. Super Chargers

  2. Chester Cubs

  3. Warrington Knights

  4. Orrell Anvils

Pool standings - Pool B

  1. 161

  2. Cheetarahs

  3. Blaze

  4. Turbo Chargers.

Knock Outs

The Knockout rounds started with a tight game between Orrell and Blaze, with Anvils taking the W this time, a reversal of round 3. The Turbo took the other semi with a 6-1 win over Knights, taking them to the Bowl Final.

The Cup Semi Finals saw Supers overpower Cheetarahs with a 6-3 scoreline, whilst the Cubs were knocked out by 161, beating them 5-1.

Play-off Results

Finals Footy

The bowl final had the predominantly female Turbos team, take on Anvils. A close game and a huge improvement from both teams as they battled it out in an end to end game. The Orrell team ended as victors, with a 2-0 scoreline.

The Plate final was an interclub derby, as Chesters Cubs played Cheetarahs, going to the wire, with the Cheetarahs winning 8-7.

Cup final saw 161 take on Super Chargers in a very low scoring game, that could have gone either way. 161 took the cup final, 1-0.

All results are available here: Round 4 Results.

Huge thanks to all the teams, refs and players refs who helped out on the day, always much appreciated.

Reminder of the remaining dates

Round 5 | Feb 23rd (Manchester Tournament)

Round 6 | March 29th

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