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Touch Leagues // Well done and thanks!

Well played to all teams and players across all the leagues this year. Another enjoyable summer season with some great Touch played and spirit being shown across the board.

A big congratulations to our winners this year.


Winners: L.A.L.T

Season results

  1. L.A.L.T

  2. Lymm Lightning

  3. Radbroke Rabbitohs

  4. Down Under

  5. TNT

  6. TMV 3s

Burnage Summer League:

Elite Winners: BBW

Permiership Winners: Lynx Lions

Championship Winners: Muppet Ministry

Season Results:

  1. BBW

  2. Hit N Run

  3. Chargers

  4. Shanked

  5. Lynx Lions

  6. Scraping the Barrel

  7. Manchester Spartans

  8. Blue Town Rats

  9. Muppet Ministry

  10. Team OverBloor

  11. Terracotta Warriors

  12. Running Dummies

  13. Manchester Spartans 2

Manchester Mayhem:

Winners: 161

Mayhem Season Results

  1. 161

  2. Turbo Chargers

  3. Super Chargers

  4. Muppets

  5. North Women

  6. Shanked

  7. Lynx Lions

  8. Terracotta Warriors

  9. Manchester Spartans

  10. Need for Bedes

It’s been fantastic to see the standard improve again this season, there were some superb, close games and lots of teams making great strides forward.

Thanks to all the teams, refs, players refs, and those that helped set up and pack up each week. Running the league can be quite a task and your support and help was much appreciated.

I’ll be in touch to let you know about further opportunities to play over the winter and of course next seasons leagues.

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