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Fantastic showing at Round 2 of the North West Regional Development Series

A great day of Touch by our two teams.

Seven debutants kitted up and donned the new Chargers stash, to take on the four other NW clubs in Burnage.

Super Chargers won 5/5 in the pools topping the group with a +13 Touchdown split.

Turbo Chargers won 3/5 losing out only to the eventual two Cup Finalists, finishing third after dotting down 16 times in their five pools games.

Heading into their respective finals both teams we’re enjoying the day and learning lots as they went.


Turbo Chargers

Turbos ran out against MMU in the plate final, who they’d beaten earlier in the pools. A hard fought, end to end and close game until to the final whistle, with a 3-4 loss ending in a respectable 4th place.

Team list

Becky Angharad Beth Redfern Bruce Bailey Channy Crowl Clive Riley Daniel Taylor Nollaig Twomey Peter Bowyer Sam Thorpe Samantha Kiernan Stefan Redfern Tim Shields Tom Overbury


Super Chargers

The Cup Final saw Super Chargers in a thrilling 6-6 draw against C&N blaze, taking the game to drop off. Supers finally losing 7-6 to a youthful Blaze squad.

Team list

Adam Mather Ellie Ossuetta Gregg Cropper James Simons Joe Meadows Harry Armitage Julia Kang Leanne Simm Nubli Mustapa Pam Teager Paul Ashton Sarah Bellew

Roll of Honour

Thanks to all the teams for attending and playing in the spirit of the event, which is developing more players in the area.

A big shout out to those who player reffed and also full time refereed too, much appreciated and a great job done by all!

Next one is in just three weeks time, on Feb 24th, looking forward to it already!

Manchester Tournament Poster 2019

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