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A True Team Effort

Chargers Vs Crewe | A Super Sunday at the North West Regional Development Series Round One*

Following a few late dropouts and injuries, a depleted yet determined team of 8 Chargers ⚡ headed to Burnage RFC to play Crewe & Nantwich Blaze 🔥

Blaze came with an abundance of players, and most definitely had youth on their side, too, with a range of current and ex England Junior reps in their lineup. But in true Chargers fashion, we vowed to play with a smile on faces, learn from each other and enjoy the games as a team.

The first quarter was attritional with both teams sussing the other out. Edging ahead with some great line defence and lovely ball skills, chargers took the win.

Our teamtalk consisted of three things to take into the next quarter. More comms; More comms; More comms.

Our comms were improved hugely, making our attack easier and our line defence stronger. The game flowed well and Chargers began to feel more in control with each possession. Scores came across the width of the field, from scoops, shorts and dives as we took a win in the second 20.

Dancing footwork from Simons, diving skills from Teager, full length screamer from Bowyer and Scoops from Cropper and Crosse saw us pull ahead in the latter stages of the game, whilst some great defensive comms and actions came from Taylor, Kiernan and Crawford saw us keep out more than we scored.

Our three new recruits, playing their first ever competitive Touch games, were outstanding and never looked out of place over the 4 x 20 minute games. Hat tip to Crawford, Crosse and Simons.

Team: Daniel Anthony Taylor Gregg Cropper James Simons Jordan Crosse Pamela Teager Pete Bowyer Robert Crawford Sammy Kiernan

See you all at training on Wednesday, 8:30 at Burnage Rugby Club, and at the next event in Feb.

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