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War of the Roses Round 2

On a crisp Saturday morning at Burnage rugby club (where our boot camp is held on Sunday mornings from 10:00-11:30 with healthy snacks after- £5 session message us for any further questions) the team based in the south of Manchester mustered weary eyed and hungover (Tom Overbury) to face foes from the other side of the Pennines (Yorkshire Thorns).

With both teams sporting some new faces you could of been forgiven for thinking the game would be slightly disjointed... Oh how wrong you’d be, with the assistance of our Aussie ref Pete Kira showing how well he can blow his whistle the match started #Aussieref.

Both teams had a thunderous start with players demonstrating slick moves and skills. Harry Armitage was leading the way for imagination in touch play and clothing choices #howmanycolours. A solid return for super couple Emily Flach and Harry Thompson with some great ball teckers from both setting an example for the rest of the team #powercouple.

After a lengthy injury there was a return to fitness and touch from Joe Meadows, once again you’d be forgiven for thinking he might be a bit rusty, however the young lad was on fire #myhero.

GC7 was there he did his thing, with a few scoopy scoops in there #nufsaid #GOAT.

The better half of the aussie ref was also down for a run around. Sammy did however give out a lot of sass while she played touch but that’s why we love her #tokenginger.

In between all the madness it was nice to see Paul Harsent after him being unavailable for a while hopefully we will see more of him from here on in. #hockeygotnothingontouch.

There was of course the ever keen JJ, AJ and Tom (nicknames in progress) they are keen enough for the team #someonehastobekeenest.

No chargers game would be complete without the best looking, funniest, and everyone’s favourite Charger, none else but chargers legend captain Brimelow #wholetAdamwritethis.

Thanks to Yorkshire Thorns for the visit, hopefully we can return the favour soon. Fun was had by all, some quality touch was played and different people came together to play a sport we love, a very successful day for the red roses.

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