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Oxford Comp 2017

The day started the night before for many of our brave warriors. We had intended to take a very competitive side made up of a mixture of Chargers, Crewe and Lymm that had been working together since nationals. This was a great plan however our captain was out and only managed to get home 20 minutes before driving to pick up a somewhat petrified Hobson, Crewe had come straight from their end of season awards and some players just didn't come at all (#goldenboywho?). We all learnt that you can in fact start the social too early. Below is a pretty accurate depiction of how the day was going to go.

Due to a number of last minute drop outs we were fiercely outnumbered and so just like when the Spartans fought the Persians in the late summer of 480 B.C we battled on and our first game saw us cruise to a 5-1 victory over a barbarians team who lacked structure and were inferior in most aspects apart from not being outrageously hungover.

Game 2 saw more of a test when we battled with Nottingham, we struggled since one of our boys (Jamie) couldn’t keep his eyes off the opposition and tried to play a different game of touch altogether. We made it harder for ourselves against Nottingham with AJ injuring Jules with some friendly fire. As strong as some of our bounce back games are they weren’t good enough to recover the score line and we lost the game. This left us with 9 physically able bodied players however the mental capacity was still lacking by some.

We took some time to look into our souls and it showed with a positive 3rd game against Bandits who were essentially the England senior mixed team. On the day they were just too good - like when Freddie Mercury played live aid in 1985, sometimes you just sit back and enjoy the show - which I think some people took a bit too literally.

#BOUNCEBACKGAMEONPOINT time to recover, we found our stride after some help getting fired up by a young Welsh side who were a bit whiny and one was using an unconventional tactic of just running around making some weird arse noise. Surprisingly it was ineffective. The older players on their team started to get frustrated as we cruised to a victory and their team crumbled. By this point Phoebe and Millie decided to mentally join us and contributed massively to the game #heros.

Our final game saw us take on Oxford Uni where we had some seriously tired bodies but dug deep and decided that we would make one final push and win the game anyway. When Hobbo wasn't screaming across the pitch to an always docile Adam she had an absolute stormer. Although this meant the other team thought she was weird (not wrong). We were so dominant that when Adam shouted at his team to stop the entire pitch froze and Adam had to explain to the other team that they didn't also have to listen to him. Fortunately they were listening because Jake wasn’t. He thought he would turn his ears off and didn’t quite understand the term “go forwards” but we will work on it #Keeleunieducation. There was some treachery and while we were focused on running forwards and listening to Adam Nottingham were able to take Horny hostage. We had stern words with our Grommet and it's safe to say he learnt his lesson and won't do it again.

Even after all of the antics the game was won and the day was finally over. We didn’t reign supreme on the score card but we did secure another trophy and some more alcohol which everyone was super keen for!

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