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Name: Horny

Age: 2 (In bull years)

Country of Birth: BULLgaria

Favourite Food: The grass on the other side of the fence or a good steak

Personal Bio: Just a lonely guy looking for someone to bull around with. Trying to break the stereotype 'Bull in a china shop', I'm sensitive really. I'm a one club bull, loving life in Manchester with the Chargers and enjoying life with the team 


Couple goals

22894845_10155780294834431_483063149_n (1)

I don't endorse any unsafe activities e.g. Drunk driving or inability to stay in their lane

Let's av it


Can't take my eyes off the girls 😍😍😍

Making the next Chargers generation

Free massages for the girls 😏

First rounds on me 🍻


I love touch too

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